Team Event 2023

At this year's team event, to which all members and finalists were invited, we went to the Jura.
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Group picture in der Twannbach gorge. Photo: Henning Zhang

Visit to the asphalt mine. Photo: Sebastian Käser

Hike from Magglingen to the Twannbach gorge. Beautiful view of Lake Biel and the Bernese Seeland. Photo: Raphael Graf

Through the Twannbach gorge. Photo: Raphael Graf

View after the Twannbach gorge over Twann and Lake Biel. Photo: Raphael Graf

Originally we planned to visit the museum of horology in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Due to the storm that had passed over the area a few days earlier, we had to change our plans at short notice. Instead we went to Travers to the asphalt mine. There we explored a small part of the over 100 km long adit network. After making sure everyone found their way back out of the mountain, we traveled to the hostel in Cernier.

After dinner at a fine pizzaria, we played Skull King, a card game we had learned at IPhO a year ago in Denmark.

The next morning we traveled to Biel and took the funicular to Magglingen. From there we hiked over the hills and through the Twannbach gorge to Twann. During the hike we not only exchanged interesting knowledge about physics and the everyday life of students and professionals, but also had inspiring discussions about cooking and projects around the Physics Olympiad and also future team events.

Full of good ideas we are now looking forward to the new Olympiad year, with all the challenges, interesting conversations and beautiful moments.