Olympiad in your classroom

Our primary goal is to foster students’ enthusiasm for physics and to connect like-minded people. We need your help! As a teacher you can help us by motivating, informing and coaching your students. We need you to encourage talented students to participate – either your entire class or individual students.


The exam is open from Mid-August to the end of September



Why should I sign my students up to participate?

Because you make a valuable contribution.

  • You can challenge gifted students – with little extra effort on your part.

  • You may lay the foundation for a student’s university studies or a career in physics – this is quite common.

  • You open new doors. Students might discover hidden talents or interests.

  • You will get information on the level of your students – in comparison with students from Switzerland and around the world.

  • You can be proud of the accomplishments of your students, proud your school’s commitment – and proud of your own contribution.

What’s my task?

  • You are responsible for motivating the students to participate.

  • You initiate the first exam. That is very simple – students can participate in class or as homework. The exam takes 40 minutes and can be solved online or on paper.

How do I sign up?

  1. You register your class online. Registration opens in Mid-August. Add your email address to receive a reminder as soon as registration opens.

  2. Your students take the exam online. You will have access to the results online.

If you wish to hold the exam on paper, you may indicate your postal address here.

What are the different steps of the competition?

What are the requirements for participants?

  • Students must not be enrolled at university or a university of applied sciences yet.

  • No further requirements for the 1st round.

  • For the physics camp and from the 2nd round onwards, students must be born no earlier than 1. July 2003 for the 2023/2024 edition and they need to have a connection to Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Details can be found in the regulations. Exceptions are possible under certain circumstances.

What aids are permitted for the exams?

  • In the first round, all aids are permitted (i.e. physics book, calculator, internet, etc.). The exam must be solved without help from other people.

  • In the second round and the final round, the permitted aids are pen, paper, ruler, triangle ruler, compass, and a simple calculator.

How much does it cost to participate?

It's free.


Which level is required to participate in the physics Olympiad?

The Olympiad is open to everyone who enjoys physics.


How can I prepare my students for the competition?

No preparation is necessary for the first round.

If you wish to get an idea of the level, you can find exams from previous years here (only 2nd and 3rd round exams).

Are there other Science Olympiads?

Yes, there are 9 more Science Olympiads in the following subjects: biology, chemistry, geography, informatics, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, robotics and economics.



The Olympiad starts in mid-August. Enter your email address here to receive a notification when registration is open.

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