Physics Olympiad

The Physics Olympiad is a competition for motivated high school students. Our main goal is to challenge young physics enthusiasts and to connect likeminded people. Students who do well in our competition will represent Switzerland at the European and International Physics Olympiad (EuPhO and IPhO).




Women's Weekend of the Physics Olympiad - register now until July 14!

A physics weekend for female students at cantonal schools from 6 - 8 September 2024 in Zurich. No previous knowledge of physics is required and it's free! We will solve challenges, experiment, visit a laboratory and of course have lots of fun.


« L’hôtel ressemblait à une énorme auberge de jeunesse pour des physicien∙ne∙s » – Namu Bae sur les Olympiades européennes de physique

Namu Bae s’inscrit aux Olympiades de physique pour en apprendre plus sur cette matière. Il décroche une médaille d’argent à la finale suisse de 2017 et une mention honorable aux EuPhO. Etudiant de médecine humaine, moniteur d’anatomie et assistant de recherche, il aime dessiner et pédaler.




“I like taking simple research ideas and turning them into something that can actually be used by people.”

Knowledge: it’s everywhere, stored in documents and stuffed into databases. At the IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, Dr. Michele Dolfi is working on structuring this wealth of information. He also happens to be the former president of the Science Olympiads. We asked him for career advice.


Schweizer Schüler an Physik-Olympiade in Estland ausgezeichnet

Vom 26. - 28. April nahm die Schweiz als Gastland an der Nordisch-Baltischen Physik-Olympiade teil. Das Ergebnis: Zwei Ehrenmeldungen, eine Bronzemedaille und bleibende Erinnerungen.


How old is the universe?

We know exactly how old the Science Olympiad umbrella association is: this year, it’s turning 20! An anniversary worth celebrating. But when is the universe’s anniversary?

script eating a sandwich


How The Script Once Was Almost Stolen

Once upon a time, there was a script of the Physics Olympiad. It had always been an important part of the Physics Olympiad, it would answer any questions the participants had. Therefore, it was a Writing of Unmatched, Exorbitantly Intoxicating and Brain-Shattering Genius and had to be protected.


Sie sind die besten Nachwuchsphysiker der Schweiz

28 Jugendliche haben am vergangenen Wochenende in Aarau am Finale der Schweizer Physik-Olympiade teilgenommen. Fünf von ihnen wurden mit Goldmedaillen gekürt. Ausnahmsweise werden sie dieses Jahr nicht an der Internationalen Physik-Olympiade teilnehmen - ihnen stehen andere Abenteuer bevor.

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Results 2nd round 2024

On January 17th, 83 students participated in the second round of the Physics Olympiad. Among other things, they analysed the stability of an egg and learned to apply the method of image charges.

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