Volunteer corner

Do you share our enthusiasm for physics? Are you a former participant and want to experience the Physics Olympiad from the other perspective? Or are you a physics teacher looking to chip in?


Then become a member of our association. We are always looking for people to support our efforts. Proofreading, correcting exams, accompanying teams to international Olympiads: These are just a few examples of all the work we do. Here is a list of areas where we could use your help.



  • Creating problems: We need many volunteers to ensure that our exam questions are interesting and varied. You can start writing problems after graduating high school or after one year of studies. We are happy to support you with your ideas.
  • Proofreading problems: Every exam question is solved by other members and revised for clarity
  • Translate problems: We offer our students the option to take the exam in German, French, Italian and English. You can help us by translating the exam questions.
  • Correct exams: After every round we correct the work of the participants.

Physics camps

  • Teach: In our camps we teach classes to our participants at a high school level. Do you want to explain physics topics to a group of motivated students? Then this task is right for you.
  • Exercises: Students will only learn the material if they solve exercises themselves. We have volunteers to support the students and answer questions during exercise sessions.
  • Leisure program: We do not only do physics in our camps. As a change of pace, we organize leisurely activities in the evenings or plan excursions.
  • Cooking: Physicists need to eat good food to be productive. In some camps we cook ourselves. Volunteers who enjoy cooking are very welcome.

Journalism & News

  • Writing articles for our website: We regularly share stories from our events and trips to international Olympiads
  • Editorial team: The editorial team is a group of members from different Science Olympiads. They write articles about cross-disciplinary topics for students, teachers and families. Here's an example.

IT and Design

  • First round: The first round can be solved online or on paper (firstround.physics.olympiad.ch). We manage and host this website. If you wish to learn more about Django, then this is the right place for you.
  • Website design: This website that you are reading now requires regular attention. Are you interested in web design? Your skills would be very useful to us.
  • Flyers: Every year we design advertising material that we send to schools.
  • Pictures and graphics for our teaching material: We developed our own teaching material for the students. In these manuscripts there are many illustrations that we designed ourselves. Here's an example.

International Competitions

Every year we send 5 participants to the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) and 5 more to the European Physics Olympiad (EuPhO).


  • Prepare team: We organize multi-day team trainings to prepare the participants for international competitions.
  • Coach participants: 2-3 members of our association accompany our participants to the international Olympiads. They are responsible for translating the exams from English to the respective languages of the participants.
  • International atmosphere: Exchange with physicists from different countries.


Of course, this list of roles is not exhaustive. We are also open to new ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.