Results of the first round 23/24

This year 922 students took part in the first round of the Physics Olympiad. 156 of them received an invitation to the physics camp and the second round. The threshold for a direct qualification was 11.4 points out of a maximum of 22 points.
Score distribution of the first round 2023/2024


The following participants qualified for the second round:

Congratulations! We would like to thank all students as well as their teachers for participating. We hope you enjoyed the quiz and are looking forward to having many participants return for next year’s edition.


Are you qualified for the next round but haven’t received an email with your results as well as a link to sign up? Contact itadmin(at)physics.olympiad.ch as soon as possible!


What now?

Practice makes perfect - if your score wasn’t enough to reach the second round you can try again next year. The topics you’ll study in school will raise your chances for next time.


If you qualified the physics camp (19.11 - 24.11), the remote training (2.12 - 07.01), and the second round (17.01) are next.