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The Science Olympiad motivates and supports young people in their favourite areas of interest. Thus, we make an important and sustainable contribution to the promotion of young scientists in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.


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Why support us? Here are 5 good reasons

You help us... increase young people's interested in sciences. In this way, you can support tomorrow's innovators - today. connect young people globally. You enable them to exchange knowledge in their favourite subject with people around the world. increase public appreciation of cognitive excellence, and you give young and bright people perspectives for their future. make the Science Olympiad visible and attractive: Thanks to 300 volunteers and over 3,500 participating students, the Science Olympiad enjoys a regular media presence and an outstanding international reputation.

This is important to us:

We strive for a balanced portfolio of public and private partners. In addition, we attach great importance to political, scientific and entrepreneurial neutrality. Transparency is the basis of trust in our activities:

You will find all necessary information in our annual report. Take a look here.

Every contribution counts

No matter whether you are a public or private organization or a private person, whether you want to support one specific discipline or the Science Olympiad in general. No matter whether you would like to make a large or small donation: There are many ways to contribute to the Science Olympiad.

Every contribution is welcome.

Go Volunteers!

Would you like to join us and contribute activly? Our volunteers are the heart of the Physics Olympiad. Write or correct exams, help organize camps or a contest, or discover a new country as a delegation leader at an international Olympiad.


Either way, it's worth it: Volunteering for the Physics Olympiad enables you to sharpen your didactic, organizational and communicative skills and helps you to expand your network - nationally and internationally.

Here is a list of areas where we could use your help.


Say yes to our partnership

Every new partnership is an enrichment - for the next generation of scientists: You can support the Science Olympiad in general or your favourite discipline with a contribution of your choice. We gladly respond to your individual wishes and needs: Cyrille Boinay will be happy to draw up a tailor-made investment concept for you and help you with any questions you may have.


Investment in the next generation

Does your heart beat for science? Do you want to support young people in their quest for more knowledge? Or did you even take part in a Science Olympiad as a student - and now you want to give something back? Whatever your reasons may be: With your donation you invest into the future.

By the way, in Switzerland, you can deduct your donations from your taxes. So, just fill out the following form.


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