Results of the first round 22/23

This year 838 students took part in the first round of the Physics Olympiad. 135 of them received an invitation to the autumn training and second round. The threshold for a direct qualification was 8.4 points out of a maximum of 21 points.


The following participants qualified for the second round:

Congratulations! We would like to thank all students as well as their teachers for participating. We hope you enjoyed the quiz and are looking forward to having many participants return for next year’s edition.


Are you qualified for the next round but haven’t received an email with your results as well as a link to sign up? Contact Sebastian Stengele as soon as possible!


What now?

Practice makes perfect - if your score wasn’t enough to reach the second round you can try again next year. The topics you’ll study in school will raise your chances for next time.


If you qualified the physics camp (13.11 - 18.11) and the second round (18.01) are next.

Further articles


Fünf junge Physiker gewinnen Gold bei Schweizer Finale

An der Neuen Kantonsschule Aarau wurde am 18. und 19. März gegrübelt, gerechnet und getüftelt. 28 Finalistinnen und Finalisten aus der ganzen Schweiz widmeten das Wochenende ganz und gar ihrem Lieblingsfach. Für die besten Leistungen gab's Goldmedaillen – und Tickets nach Japan.



Die Weisheit steigt aufs Siegertreppchen

Vom 16. bis 19. März fand das Finale der Philosophie-Olympiade statt. 13 Jugendliche schrieben um die Wette. Zu gewinnen gab es neben Antworten auf existenzielle Fragen auch Medaillen und eine Reise in die Wiege der Philosophie. Der erste Platz ging zum ersten Mal seit zehn Jahren an die Romandie.


Results 2nd round 2023

On January 18th, 82 students were fighting for a spot in the final round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad. In a two-part examination, exciting problems in mechanics, thermodynamics and optics had to be solved.


Semifinal 2022/2023

On January 19, 41 young philosophers participated in three local semifinals in Fribourg, Köniz and Wetzikon to write essays and participate in philosophical workshops. 13 of them qualified for the final in March!


These are the finalists of the 2023 Chemistry Olympiad

Mid-January, 50 curious young people from Ticino, French- and German-speaking Switzerland, and Liechtenstein met at the University of Bern. They went to research labs and learned new things from researchers. At the end, they solved 12 chemistry problems. 17 young people succeeded particularly well.


Informatics Olympiad Day 2023

139 participants have taken up the challenge and participated in the 2023 Olympiad in Informatics. From September 15 to November 30, 2022, they had time to solve tricky programming tasks online. At SOI Day on January 14, the mysterious tasks were solved and awards were received!