In addition to the Physics Olympiad, the newsletter will also cover the other eight Olympiads. It contains articles on various topics such as knowledge, travel and friendships.

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Junge Tüftlerinnen und Tüftler gewinnen Robotik-Olympiade

Das Interesse an der World Robot Olympiad Schweiz 2024 war gross: 225 Teams bauten und programmierten kleine Roboter, die über einen Spieltisch rattern. 66 Teams schafften es ins Schweizer Final, das am 22. Juni 2024 im Aargauischen Hausen stattfand.



Souvenirs: Priska, Informatik-Olympiade

Zur Feier des 20-jährigen Jubiläums der Wissenschafts-Olympiade zeigen Volunteers ihre liebsten Souvenirs. Im ersten Teil erklärt Priska, warum Informatikerinnen und Informatiker manchmal mit Quietscheentchen sprechen und wer "Duck Vader" ist.


IMO Selection 2024

The Swiss Mathematical Olympiad TST for 2024 is now complete!


Women's Weekend of the Physics Olympiad - register now until July 14!

A physics weekend for female students at cantonal schools from 6 - 8 September 2024 in Zurich. No previous knowledge of physics is required and it's free! We will solve challenges, experiment, visit a laboratory and of course have lots of fun.


Solve the anniversary crossword and win a prize!

After having been part of the International Chemistry Olympiad 2023 in Zurich, the mascot of the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad is looking for a new adventure. For the 20th anniversary of the Science Olympiad, he decided to challenge himself in all ten disciplines. Help him to win them all!


The anniversary edition of WOLY

Here you'll find tidbits from the history of the Science Olympiads and other time travels, for example through the development of the brain and the memories of our volunteers. But we don't just look back, we also celebrate the successes of the present - and are excited for the future.


Wanted: Your Olympiad Object

Do you have a souvenir from a Science Olympiad with a unique or interesting story? Show it to us at the mini-exhibition during the anniversary celebration on September 14 in Bern.


« L’hôtel ressemblait à une énorme auberge de jeunesse pour des physicien∙ne∙s » – Namu Bae sur les Olympiades européennes de physique

Namu Bae s’inscrit aux Olympiades de physique pour en apprendre plus sur cette matière. Il décroche une médaille d’argent à la finale suisse de 2017 et une mention honorable aux EuPhO. Etudiant de médecine humaine, moniteur d’anatomie et assistant de recherche, il aime dessiner et pédaler.


Why the Philosophy Olympiad is changing

The Philosophy Olympiad is an essay competition and will remain so. But this year everything will be a little different. Before the first essay, there will be a new preliminary round, which will take place in August and September. We explain why this is the case and how participation will work in 20