About us

We are students, researchers, teachers – and former participants of the Physics Olympiad. We share a passion for physics and strive to transfer that enthusiasm to the next generation of researchers. The Physics Olympiad would not exist without the countless hours of work by passionate volunteers.


Our association creates platforms where new friendships and ideas develop. We collaborate closely with our colleagues from other branches of the Science Olympiad. In this exchange we learn from each other’s experiences and look for solutions to common organizational challenges.


Become a volunteer

Do you share our enthusiasm for physics? Are you a former participant and want to chip in? Then become a member of our association. We are always looking for people to support our efforts. Proofreading, correcting exams, accompanying teams to international Olympiads: These are just a few examples of all the work we do. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

IPhO 2016

In 2016 the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) took place in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Our association organized the large-scale event together with the University of Zurich and the education office of the principality of Liechtenstein. More information can be found in the final report.

People behind the Physics Olympiad

Cyril Frei
Präsident Wissenschafts-Olympiade
Vorstand Mathematik
MSc Mathematik ETH Zürich, Software Engineer
Dominik Gresch
Vorstand, Sekretär
Dr. sc. Physik, ETH Zürich;
Simulation Engineer, Microsoft Quantum
Sebastian Käser
Vorstand Wissenschafts-Olympiade
Vorstand Physik-Olympiade
Lead Engineer, WeRobotics
Noè Bizzozero
Verantwortlicher 2. Runde Lugano
Kaju Bubanja
Physik-Olympiade; Neural Systems and Computation, ETH Zürich
Nicolà Gantenbein
Richard Heimgartner
Verantwortlicher Finalrunde
MSc ETH, Gymnasiallehrer für Physik
Thanh Phong Lê
Verantwortlicher Romandie
Doktorand EPFL
Lengen Bastian
Alfredo Mastrocola
Ehemaliger Präsident
Markus Meier
Experimente und Experimentaltraining
Dr. sc. nat. ETH Zürich, Dipl. Phys. ETH Zürich
Tim Mosimann
Verantwortlicher 2. Runde Bern
Johanna Nyffeler
Physik-Olympiade; Biologie, Universität Fribourg, Universität Zürich, Universität Konstanz; PostDoc U.S. EPA
Thomas Uehlinger
Koordinator OlyExams; Head of Academic Committee IPhO 2016; Dr. sc. Physics, ETH Zürich; Project leader, Sensirion AG
Axel Vanoni
IT und 1. Runde
Elektrotechnik, ETH Zürich